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  • Truvox Cimex Encap (5 Litres)

    Climex-Encap is a revolutionary high productivity, cost effective, low moisture carpet cleaning system that restores cleanliness and brightness to even the most heavily soiled commercial carpets.
  • Truvox Cimex Heavy Duty

    The heavy duty models tackle any industrial, scarifying or floor preparation task. From removal of impacted oil, grease and ice to combating old rust and paint.

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  • Truvox Multiwash - Escalator Cleaner

    The Multiwash scrubber dryer is a multi-purpose quick and effective floor cleaning machines that wash, mop, scrub and dry on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass.
  • Truvox TruSweep 460

    A manual sweeper that is perfect for small warehouses, pavements and parking areas where power is not easily accessible or a powered sweeper is not affordable
  • Truvox Room Dryer

    With 360 degrees directed air flow.
  • Truvox Vacuum Bags

    Pkt of 10 vacuum bags for Truvox valet tub vacuum.
  • Truvox Cable

    Coming Soon.

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  • Truvox Tub Vacuum Bags

    Coming Soon.

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  • Truvox Black Panel

    Coming Soon.

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  • Truvox Buffer Bung

    Coming Soon.

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  • Truvox Orbis 200

    The Orbis 200 range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effective solution for cleaning and scrubbing hard floors.
  • Truvox Orbis 200 HD

    The HD heavy duty has a 8kg extra weight for exceptional cleaning power yet remains easy to use and manoeuvre.

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  • Truvox Orbis Compact

    The Orbis Compact single disc rotary machine has a high brush pressure for effective cleaning yet only weighs 22 kg. This lightweight machine, combined with a low profile, gives this Orbis Compact stability plus unrivalled performance.
  • Truvox Orbis UHS 1500

    Sale Truvox Orbis UHS 1500
    Ultra high speed single disc rotary burnisher that delivers high productivity and high quality results.

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    Special Price €1,180.00

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  • Truvox Orbis 400

    The Orbis 400 range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effective solution for spray cleaning and polishing hard floors.
  • Truvox Air Mover

    The Truvox Air Mover produces airflow of 2600 m³/h to make drying floors of any type or size quick and easy.
  • Truvox Hydromist Lite

    Light and compact carpet and upholstery spray extractor.
  • Truvox Hydromist 10/20

    Compact spray extractors for effective carpet cleaning.
  • Truvox Valet Wide Area Vac

    High productivity vacuuming of large area carpeting
    Valet Wide Area Vac
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  • Truvox VTV replacement hose

    Truvox VTV replacement hose
  • Truvox Replacement Cable

    Replacement Vacuum Cable.

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