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Welcome to our steam cleaning section!!! As you can appreciate we divide our massive range between domestic and professional cleaning equipment. On our online store we have only professional small cleaning products available to purchase, bigger machines like buying a car or piece of fleet require a lot of product knowledge and we offer this service free of charge to make sure you get the correct machine for your fleet. Please click the image above to view our online showroom. 

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  • Robby Jewel

    The Robby Jewel is a lightweight and portable dry steam machine for cleaning and sanitation.
  • Steam Care Eco M4023

    Professional Steam Cleaner
  • SteamForce Compact

    This entry level model of the powerful steamforce range harnesses all the power of its larger counterparts inside an incredibly compact yet robust stainless steel body.
  • SteamCare Steam & Vac Eco

    The SteamCare range entry level machine combines steam & vacuum to clean & sanitise yet leaves surfaces touch dry.
  • Tidy Vap

    Small Body, Powerful Continuous Steam – Best in its Class!

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