Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to our carpet cleaning section.

We divide our range between domestic and professional cleaning equipment. On our online store we have only professional small cleaning products available to purchase, bigger machines like buying a car or piece of fleet require a lot of product knowledge and we offer this service free of charge to make sure you get the correct machine for your fleet please select get a quote or contact us. 

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  • Prochem Bravo Spotter

    Portable carpet upholstery spot cleaning machine.
  • Hydromist Compact

    14 litre all-in-one carpet extraction
  • Tryvox Hydromist 35

    Self contained carpet extractor that cleans in a single pass and leaves carpets almost dry.
    Hydromist 35
  • Santoemma Charis One

    Charis is a patented self-contained machine for cleaning middle areas of carpet, with several innovative features.
  • Santoemma Elite Silent

    Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction.
  • Santoemma Grace

    New Santoemma Grace Santoemma Grace
    Grace is a professional carpet extractor with 2 high-waterlift vacuum motors for fast cleaning of big areas of carpet.
  • Santoemma Serena Silent

    Santoemma Serena-Silent is a particularly silent carpet extractor (60 decibel only!) with an excellent vacuum power, thanks to its three stages high-waterlift vacuum motor.
  • Santoemma Sharon Brush

    Sharon-Brushis a self-contained machine with rotating brush, designed for professional cleaning of small areas of carpet and hard floor.
  • Prochem Fiberdri TM4

    The Prochem Fiberdri carpet cleaning system now offers the professional and in-house carpet cleaner a cost effective dry maintenance cleaning method.
  • Prochem Comet

    Upright self-contained power brush carpet & upholstery cleaning machine
  • Prochem Bravo Plus

    Portable carpet & upholstery cleaning machine Features • Moulded-in spray bottle holders. • Pull-up transport handle and cable wrap.
  • Prochem Polaris 800

    Upright self-contained power brush carpet & upholstery cleaning machine.

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