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  • Contract Carpet Prespotter (5 Litres)

    New Contract Carpet Prespotter (5 Litres)
    A powerful and safe low cost pre-spray and spot cleaner for heavily soiled and greasy carpets.
  • Multi Pro (5 Litres)

    New Multi Pro (5 Litres)
    Multi Pro Professional general purpose pre-spotter and traffic lane pre-spray for carpets. Excellent for draught marks and greasy areas.
  • Trafficlean

    New Trafficlean
    Industrial strength high concentrate formula with extra water soluble solvents for grease removal.
  • Prespray Gold

    New Prespray Gold
    Prespray Gold A high concentrate professional strength pre-spray cleaner.
  • Prochem Ultraprep TLC

    Ultraprep TLC penetrates and removes grease and soil and rinses easily.
  • Power Burst (4 Kg)

    Power Burst New formula enzyme-free high performance alkaline detergent pre-spray for pre-cleaning heavily soiled commercial carpet.

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6 Item(s)

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