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World Oceans Day is celebrated each year on the 8th of June. It aims to raise the profile of our oceans and how they connect us all.

The initiative began in 2002 in recognition of our ocean and its importance in our lives. It is a day to reflect on the current state of our oceans and how each of us can do our bit to protect it, no matter where we live.

Plastic pollution is causing immense harm to the world’s oceans and sea life. It is a growing concern with estimations that there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish by 2050.

The EU has come together to tackle the issue of plastics.

New rules will ban single-use plastics by 2021 but it needs everyone’s support.

It is important that we note and promote initiatives like World Ocean Day because together, we need to engage in more sustainable production and consumption practices.

World Oceans Day is a continuing action that needs to be embraced year-round. It is our responsibility to protect and restore the ocean. It is an amazing resource that we all depend on.

Working together, we make a difference. It is the processes that we adopt today that will help us to protect the health of our people and planet.

There is no better place to begin than with our ocean, which is critical to our survival. As it is the ocean that:

  • - generates most of the oxygen we breathe
  • - helps feed us
  • - regulates our climate
  • - cleans the water we drink
  • - offers a pharmacopoeia of medicines

Remember making the smallest changes this World Oceans Day will have a huge impact.

This year Clenli Direct gave each of our team members a reusable bottle and cup. By the end of the year, this initiative will omit the use of 22,620 plastic bottles and 18,850 disposable cups.

We also partnered with a forward-thinking company named Tersano.

Tersano has made a ground-breaking industry advancement with the development of an aqueous ozone dispensing unit. It is the first in history with the ability to generate stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO).

The system converts ordinary tap water into a chemical-free sanitiser and powerful cleaner. Tersano is a driving force for sustainability in the cleaning industry and it is having a positive impact on our oceans.

A simple switch to Tersano removes single-use plastics associated with traditional cleaning chemicals and prevents chemical waste from entering our waterways.

Clenli Direct has already helped many of our clients to switch to sustainable cleaning. Talk to us today to find out more about reducing your environmental impact.




As we strive to achieve cleaner, faster, greener cleaning processes we look to the market place.

Last year was undoubtably one that changed the way we think about cleaning. From the introduction of the i-Range to the implementation of a cost effective, chemical free cleaning solution, named Tersano.

Notably what has become more common place – is cleaning product advancements that are driven by customer requirements. In an era of innovation and change the optimization of available technology is having a huge impact on the way we clean.

But just when we thought we had seen it all – a new and exciting concept has emerged that is 4-D cleaning.

This holistic approach divides the cleaning of a room into 4 dimensions:

1-D: Floors

2-D: Walls and ceiling

3-D: Furniture

4-D: Indoor air

Each of these 4 dimensions has an equal influence on the cleanliness of a room. If you clean one of the dimensions, it is inevitable that the dirt from another will contaminate the clean area again.

In a recent APT test carried out by our i-partners it was revealed that a clean floor became dirty again within 2 hours. What is interesting about these findings is that the dirt did not come from people walking on the floor but from the air.

How is it possible that the air could affect the cleanliness of the floor?

Often, we don’t realise that the air is filled with pollution, particularly indoor air.

As the air particles settle on the floor, furniture and walls, they contaminate the area, again and again. Only when we take a holistic approach to cleaning, using the right tools and techniques can we achieve really clean results.

Let’s explore the 4 dimensions in a little more detail:

1D. Floors

Floors are often the single most time-consuming element of any cleaning regime. As such it is important that once the highest level of clean is achieved that it is maintained.

Suggested 1D Cleaning Tools:

The i-Mop and i-Vac 5B and 9B models have been designed to clean floors faster, easier and with better results than traditional equipment. These machines will make you floors noticeably cleaner and more hygienic - they are also less harmful for the environment.

2D. Walls and Ceiling

Walls and Ceilings are often an unrecognized part of a maintenance regime. Depending on your industry, walls and ceilings can be exposed to many contaminants such as dirt, dust and grease. Keeping them clean can be a real challenge, as residues from poor floor cleaning regimes and other air contaminates are likely to rest here.

Suggested 2D Cleaning Tools:

The i-fibre and i-scrub have been carefully created to tackle these labour-intensive cleaning tasks. The i-fibre’s frame bends 360°, perfect for cleaning walls and hard-to-reach places. It is ideal for removing light dirt and dust from walls and ceilings. The i-scrub is the perfect partner, ideal for deep cleans on walls and tiles that require a powerful scrubber.

3D. Surfaces

Surface cleaning is another huge element of any cleaning schedule. Regardless of your work environment, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, airports and other transport stations all have a vast number of surfaces to be cleaned. Each surface will have its own unique set of properties and therefore multiple cleaning techniques may be required.

Suggested 3D Cleaning Tools:

Similar to cleaning walls and ceilings we suggest the handheld i-fibre and i-scrub for surface cleans. The i-fibre is ideal for light cleaning along flat surfaces such as countertops or mirrors. While the i-scrub is perfect for cleaning curved surfaces with its soft edge technology it moves seamlessly around such surfaces as bath tubs and sinks.

4D. Indoor Air

Indoor air cleaning is a relatively new concept. Indoor air is often overlooked when we think about cleaning. However, it is top of our list to create a healthy work environment. Indoor air pollution includes things like; dust and other particles generated by cooking appliances and other poorly filtered equipment. It can contain things like dust mites, moulds, bacteria and even viruses. Indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside air, affecting allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality, and much more.

Suggested 4D Cleaning Tools:

The i-Air is the perfect partner for tracking the quality of your indoor air. It is a small tracking device that monitors each of the 5 units to maintain a healthy and happy environment for your team and your clients.

The 5 units of measurement used to determine air quality, are as follows: Humidity, C02, Temperature, Chemicals and Dust. The i-Air carefully monitors each of these elements and notifies you know the moment your air quality reaches and unhealthy or unsafe level.

Do you need a 4D cleaning solution for your business? Clenli Direct are the exclusive i-partner for Ireland – talk to us today and discover which cleaning solutions best fit your business.


Orbital Machine Overview

Orbital machines are becoming more common place in recent years simply because they help reduce the use of water and chemicals. For many companies becoming more sustainable is now a core focus. Therefore, they are actively seeking equipment and solutions that help them achieve this.

What are the differences between a standard single disc brush base and the orbital one?

A key difference between single disc scrubber dryers and an orbital scrubber is the need for a splash guard. A single disc machine needs a splash guard because the diameter of the brush turns at 150 rpm, creating a lateral splash. Also, the side of the brushes touch the floor with only a little portion of the bristles. This means the cleaning result is lower than that in the centre.

However, with an orbital machine there is no splash and the cleaning result is homogenous across the whole of the surface.

Why are orbital floor scrubbing machines so efficient?

It is true that one of the most noteworthy benefits of an orbital machine is that they can significantly improve productivity. This is because orbital machines have a higher pressure on the brush base. Moreover, there is the possibility of having extra weight which increases their effectiveness in removing soil.

Another reason that orbital machines are so effective is because of the high number of oscillations - these machines are much faster than a standard scrubber dryer. Coupled with their rectangular pad, these machines deliver a winning, uniform clean every time – even on the side of the brush base.

Can you tell me more - why would I choose an orbital scrubbing machine?

Firstly, if you are considering an orbital machine, we would recommend the Comac Antea, walk behind or the Comac Innova, ride-on.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of these machines, as they can be used on many different floor types and in many environments: schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, supermarkets, sports centres etc.

These machines can be distinguished from the rest of the orbital machines because of their compact dimensions, higher rpm and lightness. They offer less battery consumption, easier transport, and more manoeuvrability. They use less nominal power which guarantees more autonomy – for you this means less charge cycles and longer battery life.

Comac orbital machines can be used for maintenance and deep cleaning, thanks to their vibration and rotation of more than 2000 rpm for each orbit of the brush base.

And with the appropriate accessories, they can even be used to polish your floors. These orbital machines are equipped with an anti-vibration system especially designed for this application. They have two settings; standard anti-vibration and double vibration absorption, designed specifically to increase operator comfort.

If you would like to know more about standard or orbital scrubber dryers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


As a leading supplier of cleaning solutions, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that give our clients the edge in an increasingly competitive market.

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On entry to your business floors can make a great first impression on customers, clients and employees alike.

Is the current status of your floors representative of your business?

._shiny_office_lobby_floor (1)

Keeping your hard floors looking clean and shiny can be a difficult task. To keep your floors looking fantastic, it is essential that the right cleaning programme to protect your floors is in place. This will ensure that your floors look clean and shiny for years to come.

There are three key ingredients that each cleaning regime must have to succeed in keeping hard floors– these are as follows:


  1. A Floor Care Schedule – Creating a clear cleaning schedule and activity list is much more cost effective than replacing hard floors. A maintained floor finish protects against substrate to prevent scratches and other damage, whilst keeping floors looking clean and shiny.
  2. A Thick Floor Finish – When it comes to floor finish, there is a lot of information one must process and consider. Failure to select and properly apply a high quality finish is crucial to the status of your floors and your ability to maintain them.  In order to achieve best results it is recommended that no less than 5 coats of finish are applied to the floor, ideally 6 – 8 coats should be applied to fully protect your floor
  3. Quality Cleaning Products – When it comes to hard floor solutions there is a wide variety of products available to choose from.  Unfortunately not all products are equal and therefore it is of utmost importance that you are choosing a commercial grade finish. Discounted products and even some of the lower priced commercial products often ware away faster and require much more up-keep.
  4. Quality Janitorial Equipment – When it comes to cleaning equipment it is important that you invest in at least one high quality item. The quality of replaceable items is not as significant compared to that of longer term investments. That said longer term investments need not break the bank.

It is possible to get high quality janitorial supplies with competitive pricing – like the Contractor range of rotary machines; offering unrivalled value and performance across a range of hard floor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.  At 230 rpm the Contractor Range provides the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. Optional tank may be added for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal and spray cleaning.


For more information on floor maintenance, floor care products or cleaning machines please feel free to contact Chemical Direct – Janitorial Supply. We would be delighted to receive your enquiries.

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Meet the prochem comet carpet cleaning machine. Prochem is known for its exceptional quality high-performance machines that deliver results that are of a professional standard. The comet is certainly no exception to this rule as it is yet another example of the clever engineering and design that is synonymous with prochem. Though this machine is small and compact, the results it provides are exceptional! 


The comet is an upright carpet cleaning machine that is small and compact, which is advantageous as it is easy to transport and does not take up much space. The machine can comfortably be transported in a car, so you can bring this clever cleaning solution with you wherever you go. Weighing in at 18kg the comet is robust and sturdy, yet easy to manoeuvre making it an ideal solution to many carpet cleaning scenarios. As well as the overall compact size of the machine, the addition of a fold-down handle makes it even easier to store neatly when not in use. The comet is suitable for use on virtually all types of carpets, thanks to its compact nature and clever design it can even reach and clean carpet right up to the skirting boards or edges. 

High-Performance Cleaning

Although the prochem comet may be small in size, its cleaning capabilities are not. The comet can remove even the toughest ingrained stains in carpet thanks to the powerful brush fitted on the machine. The comet has a strong two stage by pass vacuum motor that removes the dirt that is released by the brush system. The machine is fitted with a solution and recovery tank that each have a capacity of 11.3 litres. Another smart feature from this prochem machine is the clear dome on top of the machine so you can see when the water is building up and needs to be changed. 

The prochem comet truly is a machine that is out of this world. It is straightforward to operate and highly reliable. This paired with the high-performance output it offers as well as the clever design make it a great choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

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The Comac Ultra  is The Ideal Cleaning Machine for Medium & Large Area Cleaning

The Comac Ultra Scrubber Dryer is a machine of real quality. Like all Comac machines, the Ultra provides outstanding results time and time again. Comac machines are known for their reliability and unwavering quality and the Ultra is no exception. The ride on machine is suitable for a variety of areas so the user can be sure wherever they use the machine, fantastic results will follow.



The Ultra can remove heavy dirt with ease thanks to its powerful output and clever design. The Ultra comes in both the 85 and 100 BS versions. While there are some differences, there are clever features that are found in both models. It is fitted with a device to slow the machine when going around corners, an acoustic alarm when reversing and a clever feature to stop the flow of water when traction has stopped.

The scrubbing head is fitted with two counter-rotating brushes and can move sideways ensuring a thorough clean right up to the edge of walls. It is these clever design features that really set apart the Comac Ultra from the competition and ensure you get brilliant results every time.



The Comac Ultra is simple to operate and has a very straightforward set of controls. This means you do not have to spend as much time training staff as usual with other machines. It takes no time at all to get familiar with the cleverly designed operating interface. As well as the previously mentioned clever features, the Ultra is also fitted with a suction motor that is inside a double wall tank of polythene, this greatly reduces the noisiness of the machine. This means you can work in a non-disruptive manner and gives you the opportunity to work at times you may not have been able to beforehand.

The Comac Ultra is suitable for medium and large sized areas such as industrial and service areas, as well as warehouses. Areas of up to 5,000 sq. m can be tackled with the Ultra in no time. This scrubber dryer’s high performance ensures that it is the best option for medium and large areas.

Comac Ultra – Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

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The Santoemma Serena Silent Carpet Cleaning Machine is Perfect for the Hospitality Industry

For hoteliers and restaurateurs, a good carpet cleaning machine is an essential part of their cleaning equipment. Maintaining clean and presentable carpets is vital in the hospitality industry, which is why it is so important that you find a reliable and powerful carpet cleaning machine. A cleaning machine like this will be used regularly so you need to be sure that it is dependable and not prone to breakdowns.

Carpets in hotels and restaurants are often the first pieces of furniture to show signs of wear and tear. A regular and practical carpet cleaning routine will not only make your carpet look better but will actually make it last longer too. The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine is the perfect choice for environments like hotels and restaurants, its quiet running and short drying time means it is ideal in noise sensitive and busy places and can be used during business hours if needed. It is totally undisruptive meaning that your guests will not be bothered by it.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet cleaning machine is also extremely powerful and delivers excellent cleaning results and effectively removes difficult stains. Its high-water lift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and a very short drying time of only one hour. It is also an extremely adaptable carpet cleaning machine with many detachable spray nozzles and vacuum heads. The Santoemma Serena Silent also allows you to reach awkward and hard to reach places, allowing you to effectively clean edges and corners.

One of the vacuum heads can even be used to powerfully dry vacuum the carpet before beginning the intensive carpet cleaning. This multipurpose approach saves time for the user and means a more efficient cleaning schedule.  This is a carpet cleaning machine designed with the end user in mind, its adaptability means that you can adjust to your specific needs to ensure a more comfortable and effective clean.

The Santoemma Serena Silent carpet machine really is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry and will keep your carpets looking fresh and new every day.

Carpet Cleaning Machine from Santoemma

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